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AP Marketing LLC

Our company helps contractors get local customers by building their website and optimizing it for SEO. This way, you can show up on Google when people search for your services.


My name is Amir and I help small businesses get steady amount of customers from their website every single month.

The strategy we use is simple but highly effective:

  1. First, I build a beautiful website for your business so that people want to work with your company. (Building a website)
  2. Then I optimize your website for SEO so that it shows up high on Google when people search for your services in your area. (SEO)
  3. If you already have a website, you might start to see results immediately after I am done with initial SEO process.
  4. The leads will come to you in form of calls and contact form submissions on your website.

Our Brands

Logical Marketer helps contractors and small businesses in general build a sustainable source of leads for their businesses.
Landscaping Funnels is a blog and a website that provides useful info for landscapers to help them get more leads.


Building Websites

We will build a website that looks beautiful and that contains everything you need to get people to call you.

Search Engine Optimization

We will optimize your website so that you can show up on Google when people from your local area search for landscapers.

Social Media

We will teach you how you can keep people reminded of your business to get more referrals and grow your business!


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